The Photography Show 2014

Photography Show 2014

So Hybrid Dave and I took a road trip to the Birmingham NEC last weekend to check out the inaugural instalment of ‘The Photography Show’. Having not been to a photography exhibition since starting Hybrid Photography, we really didn’t know what to expect from a business point of view but as the tickets were free (because we’re in the trade… Bonus!), we thought “What have we got to lose?”. It turns out the answer to that question was ‘nothing’ but we did gain quite a lot, mainly ideas on how to expand and diversify the business in order to stay one step ahead of the competition…. More on that later!

Walking around the exhibition though, there were plenty of shiny new things to play with and lots to salivate over, chief of which were the stunning looking Nikon D4S, the new flagship full frame body being released in around 2 months and the groundbreaking Panasonic DMC-GH4 with 4K video capability. Needless to say, most of our time was spent playing around with, talking to exhibitors in relation to or generally dreaming about owning them but at a combined price totalling the equivalent cost of a small family car, we may be a while away from that!

Photography Show 2014

Photography Show 2014
Panasonic DMC-GH4 exploded!

Perhaps the craziest thing we saw while we were there (apart from the live fire poi display, obviously) was the Sigma 1000mm telephoto lens. I mean seriously, just look at it!

Photography Show 2014

Whilst both Dave and I do like to take natural, unposed shots from way over the other side of a wedding venue, at £25,000, I think it may be some time before we can justify this particular piece of glass (and besides, I’m not sure how inconspicuous we would end up being whilst lugging this in to some of the smaller venues we’ve worked in!).

We also managed to take in a few live talks and had a great time chatting to some of the online retailers we’ve been using over the last few years and putting faces to names. In particular, it was lovely speaking with one of the sales staff from Simimaging, our album and artwork manufacturers. As an added bonus, they recognised Hybrid’s names, so despite their huge growth over the last couple of years, it was nice to know that a personal service can still be maintained.

So, I hear you ask, what’s all this talk of expanding the business? Well, it’s no secret that I’ve been getting extremely excited about adding videography to Hybrid’s repertoire over the last few weeks, but it’s taken quite some convincing for Dave to come on board. Honestly, I do understand his reservations, as to offer video means either that one of us would have to give up the photography or bringing someone else on board to shoot video whilst we continue with the stills. This latter option in itself brings it’s own issues, such as being able to find someone with the same level of passion for digital art as us… Well, they are issues to consider further down the road, as we’ve finally decided to take the plunge and slowly start introducing short video edits on some of our upcoming weddings and boy have we bought some specialist kit to assist us!

I can’t say too much more on this for now but watch this space over the next few weeks and I’m sure you’ll begin to see a few blog posts in relation to this new adventure.

Finally, just as the show was coming to an end, we found ourselves stood casting a suspicious eye over the Canon stand, wondering if we’d spontaneously burst in to flames for daring to wander in. As it turned out, we didn’t and it was interesting to see what the enemy had to offer. Interesting as it satisfied (if satisfaction were ever needed) that we had indeed chosen the right brand of camera from the start (Nikon, obviously!), such was the extremely confusing nature of the EOS 1D controls! As we were leaving the stand, we were enticed in to becoming the stars of our own slow mo movie, using the Canon EOS C500. You’ll see who we fared in the video below (posted to Hybrid’s new Youtube channel, if you’re interested!). If you look closely at my face, you should be able to see the exact moment that Dave goes flying in to a brand new flat screen TV knocking it from the wall….. My conclusion? Well, that’s just how we deal with Canon!

Taxi for two on the hurry up, please!


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