High praise indeed!

Forget website clicks, facebook ‘likes’, peer praise or even industry awards. For me, as a wedding photographer, one of the greatest accolades is discovering that one of our previous couples has recommended us (Hybrid Dave and I) to a friend for their wedding. To know that a previous client loved their pictures so much, that they are confident enough to put our name forward for another couple’s big day fills me with pride. Genuinely. What better praise can there be….? Well, the only thing that tops this, in my mind, is when our clients are so enamoured with their wedding images, that they choose to have them published publicly in a specialist wedding magazine. I mention this now as that’s exactly what happened recently, with Hybrid Photography’s coverage of Sean and Claire Duffy’s beautiful wedding in Rochester last year being immortalised in the 2014/15 edition of Kent Bride magazine. I was emailed by Claire in May this year, asking if I could contact the publishers of the magazine to see if I’d be happy to have the pictures printed. Well, how could I refuse? I sent over a number of images to the features editor and was told they would be in the magazine due to be published in September and so, having checked the website almost every day since the start of September, it’s finally arrived and, as you’ll see blow, the wedding has been given a fantastic three page write up. Thanks then to Claire and Sean, firstly for choosing us to document their wonderful day in the first place and secondly for pushing to have their shots shown off in such a way. We are genuinely touched.

Oh and as a completely gratuitous aside….. The bottom picture shows (in Claire’s own words) why I think you should hire Hybrid Photography!

Duffy front Duffy spread Duffy Relaxed


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