Worldwide Photowalk 2014

So having signed up for the KelbyOne Worldwide Photowalk (WWPW) about 2 months ago, I finally got to meet one of my photography idols last Saturday….. Scott Kelby! The idea of the WWPW is a simple and great one. You get a group of likeminded toggers together and just go for a walk, shooting anything and everything you lay eyes on. This happens on one day, all across the world (seriously, there were group photos after the event from India, Australia, Libya, Egypt, Malaysia, Brazil and many, many more!). Overall, there were around 20,000 ‘walkers’, who also helped raise over $30,000 for the Springs of Hope charity (a fantastic organisation helping orphaned and homeless children in Kenya). It was fantastically well coordinated by Scott and KelbyOne, Scott’s media company, then!

Around the world, groups were being led by extremely able walk-leaders and, this year, Scott decided that he’d lead the London walk himself, as he loves the city so much and hasn’t been over to the UK for a fair while.

We were due to start off outside No. 2 Temple Place and by the time I arrived and met my photog buddy, Dave (who arrived stupidly early!) our group of about 40 walkers had amassed and seemed to be brimming with excitement. Scott and his assistant Brad (and Brad’s beard!) made their way around the group saying their hellos, before giving a brief overview of the route we’d take.
And then we were off, walking down along the embankment for the most important photo of the day….. the group shoot. And of course, for an American in London, Scott could think of no better backdrop than the Thames, the London Eye, Big Ben and an Iconic red London phone box!

We then wound our way through the back streets north of Victoria Embankment, through the Inner Temple, which, if you’ve never been, is like something out of Harry potter (think Diagon Alley) with it’s fantastic architecture, buildings and outside spaces and up on to Fleet Street. We also managed to take in St. Clement Danes RAF church on Strand and on to Somerset House, hardly giving my shutter button a rest the whole way (well, when I wasn’t bending Scott’s ear that is!)


We ended up at Scott’s favourite burger joint, Byron Burger, in Covent Garden and actually arrived just before the restaurant opened. If the staff had been hoping for a lazy Saturday morning when they turned up for work, they couldn’t have been more wrong when 40 hungry photo walkers arrived banging on their door and took up their entire basement level!

Just as we were about to leave, I managed to get Scott to autograph my ‘bibles’, which had been a huge source of education and inspiration for me since picking up my first DSLR 4 years ago. As a gentle dig at Dave, I even got him to write a special message in one of them!

After bidding our farewells and leaving the walkers behind, Dave and I headed off to a Chancery Lane wedding venue that we’re due to shoot at early next year, to get a feel for the place and, well, after the long morning we’d had, it would have been inappropriate not to have had a relaxing beverage to cap off what had been an awesome experience!

So, when can I sign up for next year’s walk……?

A few more shots from the day:






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